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Corporate Governance, a solid basis for success.
Indispensible for business results.

Corporate governance

"Our products will not see children's labour"
"We use ISO-norms in our production processes"
"We have a code of conduct, and stick to it!"

What is Corporate Governance?

Corporate Governance attracts a lot of attention and has a high profile, also internationally. It is the basis for success in achieving your business objectives. For companies listed in the Netherlands, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (Code Tabaksblat/Frijns) is legally binding. Others should consider to implement the best practices as well. What are the benefits for your business?
First-rate Corporate Governance is covering business culture, values and norms, standards, procedures, organisation, quality and supervision. How is this organised this in your business?
Corporate Governance is based on the business objectives and determines the way the business will be run and the activities will be managed.
Corporate Governance creates transparent accountabilities and reporting to your stakeholders and offers a platform for possible future amendments and improvements.

Our product Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance requires a solid level of various activities - it does not come easy. What's the state of your corporate governance? Do you comply with all the relevant laws and regulations? Financial Control will look closely at the elements of your corporate governance and will provide you with a pragmatic proposal for improvements. 
Financial Control will make an inventory and will assess your existing corporate governance. We review the business objectives, Code of Conduct, manual of authorities, budgets, KPI's, organisational structures, accountabilities, standards.
We will provide you with a proposal with possible improvements/amendments and additions for not yet implemented but essential elements of corporate governance.
Should you wish: an advice around an implementation project for required elements in corporate governance.

Benefits of our Corporate Governance product?

You will receive a clear overview with our conclusions and recommendations by element of corporate governance. Optionally, we will indicate which parts of COSO or the Dutch legislation (Corporate Governance Code) have been covered in your business; this forms the basis for eventually an “in-control statement”. By accepting and implementing our proposals, you will be able to confirm business readiness with a first-rate corporate governance system in place. 
Consequently, using it as designed, your business will be compliant with the best practices in the Corporate Governance Code and you will have created a strong competitive advantage!